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Hey Noah I have been searching and reading for Facebook marketing all day and this is the best guide I have seen so far. Love how you make complicated things look simple. I found okdork via your 'How I got fired from Facebook' post. It's funny to jump from that post to here - where you, sort of, promoting FB marketing services. This is such great info for me right now because I am planning on starting my first facebook ad to a website very soon. I have done some facebook Like ad campaigns for other people's facebook pages, but I have not made an ad leading to a website yet.

Okay, so maybe I will just answer my question myself. When reading this post, I was thinking that refreshing the ad was something complicated, but after doing some research, it's basically just changing the images, wording, etc of the ads from time to time, which I had already been doing, so I guess I'm good to go!

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I'm going to to apply your formula to my next go around, and I will report back with how it goes. G-day Noah, Thank you so much for writing this post, I have been wanting to try my hand at paid advertising through facebook for a while now, and this has made it much easier to jump in!

I'd love to be abele to use the SumoMe tool, but I don't know how to add the code to my site. If you or any other readers of this article know how, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks again, your emails and articles are an inspiration, nice work mate! Can we add Graph Search for the research? Thanks for the awesome post. Love it. I am not a beginner and in my own exploration of facebook ads with several clients and small budgets, I always opt for tight targeting and manually bypass the "easy" options facebook provides in favor of anything marked "advanced".

Facebook has a brilliant system for micro-targeting but many still think the biggest reach wins. I set up a batch of ads, see which one does the best, and start dropping the price on it. Tweaking the ads is a critical part of the campaign. And when you do it with a CPC model manually bidding, you kind of have to be on it, making changes to not waste funds.

The ad manager has a robust analytic system for really seeing how they perform. And much of that is all on the regular space.

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Power Editor is where they test new features so good to use it if you understand the system. I'll be keeping an eye on you, Noah! Great resource. Kind of works for 4a as well, but only with names, not email addresses as far as I can tell. It's absolute magic. I just love the simplicity of this.

I've read quite a few resources about Facebook ads, with little success. However, your article made me realize that I was letting Facebook get my money, without properly targeting the people I want to reach to. So my biggest takeaway from this post is the fact that I should choose a really small audience to target and move away from Facebook's Optimized CPM. Great article and insights.

What the tool does is, you can give it your competitors' facebook pages and it will analyze them and give you those people who are REAL human beings who are genuinely interested in your competitors. I got 92 likes, 21 people visited my site and they spent 5 minutes on average.

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Had 54 page views. I highly recommend this tool. Check it out at http: Noah, this is great since I just started Facebook ads two weeks ago. I'm glad I have been doing some things right so far. Regardless, this was really helpful and gave me more confidence to increase my daily AD budget. Thanks a lot! Only problem is I am unable to input my own interests according to the likes of the competitors. The ad forces me to choose from categories. I input it in the line but it disappears. Anybody know how to deal with this?

I have been in contact with Facebook about it and that is what they told me. Correct me if I'm wrong. Your wrong, I spend alot of money on facebook ads aswell and often target competitors facebook pages, its a great, method, and great article useful practice advice. At the end of the day though, your advert has to be good, as the consumers now have keen eyes!

Also depending on your niche I have found targeting the older generation very profitable in some instances eg Hey Noah, Thanks so much for this! Some questions though: I went in to amend one of our ads, and the layout is quite different. For example, we ONLY had the option of a right hand ad, the option for the Newsfeed is not even there.

There is something called Conversion Tracking Pixel, which you dont seem to have — what is this? Thanks again! Really great help, Noah. Thank you so much. Noah, this might be for you in case you didn't yet heard of it: In general. I got an unbelievable tool that lets me search for very specific keywords. It then crawls through facebook events, groups and pages that match that keyword.

Then you can select that specific group and export those FB IDs into a cvs file. Then you can import this custom list into your own ads via custom audience. Its one of the sickest tools Ive used.

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But no clue where to get it. I got it from a dude I follow. WOW, this article is really good about Facebook ads, because there are less course about Fb ads compared to Adwords, but really people do spend on facebook huge amount of money. Very interesting.

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I watched this video yesterday, can you talk to his points. Basically even when buying ads through Facebook, the click farms will like your ad to hide from the click farm finding algorithm. This gives a lot of likes, but no quality likes. Can you address his points? Thanks Noah! Also, I cannot choose "Call to Action" learn more -that box does not appear. There is something called Conversion Tracking Pixel, which you dont seem to have - what is this? Also, in the examples you give, you don't appear to include a bit. Christopher, when you try to edit the existing ad you can't add "Learn More".

You can do it only when you are creating a new ad. Hi folks, I basically agree with Noah's opinion. However, I do have 3 more recommendations. I am sorry for my English - my mother tongue ist German Let's integrate a landingpage in a facebook-tab of your facebook-fanpage. My experience is that people feel uncertain if the landingpage ist not within facebook. For sure, having their email-address is the best case. In my point of view, the worst case is the following: They are lost forever.

As a result: Just try it. Cost per Acquisition has to be lower than Customer Lifetime Value. So, try to estimate CLV.

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Laurenz, thanks for adding this to Noah's great tutorial. Building my page now, but how do I do what you said: Noah, if you have tips on this or another tutorial I'd love to see it. Great article Noah. And great contribution Laurenz! I do agree that the most important kpi to look for is the CLV in order to get profitable campaigns. Laurenz, What do you mean by, "integrate your landingpage within a facebook-tab of your fansite AND integrate a facebook-likegate.

Okay some questions - is there a niche where FB advertising does not work well? I've tried it with transport and the interaction was minimal and ROI non-existent. My transport business is hyper-local and very specialised so in theory we should have been able to get a better response. The reality of course was far different. Hey Sarah, because your business is hyperlocal, have you tried to narrow down the audience that will see the ads. Yes, I only use the narrowed down local audience and restricted to Essex, UK.

I'm thinking that unless people have an immediate need for what you're promoting then they will be oblivious to your ads. That in my opinion makes AdWords more powerful as the adverts are shown when a person is searching for what you're selling.

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In your case, have you thought about a scenario that a user saw your ad on Facebook, but he didn't purchase because he didn't need it immediately. But after couple days, when he needs it, he thinks up of your ad and search it in Google. Facebook maybe potentially drive your business. You need brand awareness, and must be filling a need or service lacking which there is a market for.

If you offer something unique or better over your competition then make that obvious to potential new customers. Try hiring a marketing manager to review your strategies. Consider money spent as college tuition, you're learning and your business is growing. Don't give up, if you truly believe your business has potential to succeed. But you must be realistic. Dang Noah, that's just about the best explanation of how to get started with Facebook Ads I've seen. I've tried out some ads with mixed results just to see how it works, which was a decent learning experience, but I should have waited until I could read this!

When you advertise with the ultimate goal of selling a higher priced item, have you seen better results from driving the traffic straight to the high-priced item or from giving something away for an email address and then working up toward a bigger purchase?

Podcast Resources About Updates. Be patient. In my experience, it can take anywhere from 1 day to 6 months to get your online advertising profitable Not every advertising channel will work for everyone. But then, a friend yelled at me to do more. I moved to four times a month and the ROI stayed the same. If you are not making money, stop Look for free marketing opportunities first. Get my step guide to kick-ass Facebook ads Step-by-step instructions: Step 1: Step 2: Choose your objective What do you want your ads to do? Facebook offers 11 options split across three key objectives: Objectives that generate interest in your product or service Consideration: Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business, or look for more information about your business Conversion: Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service Choose Traffic under "Consideration" first.

Step 3: One of the most important things to look out for on this page is the audience size gauge. You want to aim specific, not broad. Somewhere in the middle of the green section of the dial below is the sweet spot. How to define your target audience Facebook provides a ton of options to customize your audience, including: When trying to figure out your first interest group to target I recommend a few options: For example: Find your competitors' customer interests Go to a competitors' Facebook Page and look at the people who like it.

Target a direct competitor Find an angle that makes your business unique and then use that angle to advertise directly to your competitors' customers. Step 4: You have two options: Automatic placements: Why just the News Feed? Audience Network can be a little difficult to configure for a beginner. Step 5: Set your budget Start small. A few notes for you to benchmark your performance with: Step 6: Create your Ad This is where you create your advert.

Generally, I have a couple of pieces of advice when it comes to creating winning ads: But boring execution, with an image blending in with so many other images we see online 2. Step 7: Choose the format For News Feed ads, Facebook offers six different formats. Step 8: Choose your image s Facebook single image ads enable you to upload and test six variations of images. For single image ads, Facebook recommends the following: Recommended image size: Step 9: There are now four key pieces of copy you need to include with your advert: Add a brief headline to tell people what your ad is about.

I like to give something away free with the headline see "Free Growth Hacker Tips" in the example below. You only have 25 characters to use here. Be wise Text: Facebook has a range of button call-to-actions you can use within your ad. This appears below the Headline. Use Calls-to-Actions Including a Call-to-Action within your Facebook Ads is a great way to let the user know what to expect on the other side of the ad. Add social proof There are a couple of reasons that might put someone off clicking your ad: Scared of losing money Worried about making the wrong choice How can you overcome these two challenges?

Use social proof to show the reader why they should care. Step To start, do stupid ghetto math. So I do back of the envelope math as follows: Get my 10 steps to a perfect Facebook ad Facebook offers incredible value to advertisers. Like many other applications it promises to be a useful tool to enhance your browsing experience.

But, once again it is just a trick to get you to install the software so you can be bombarded with all manner of ads. The program is a browser extension that can be run in all the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will usually show in banner ads, popups and coupons within your browser.

Like many other adware programs, it finds its way into your system through bundled software. This is why it is important to be careful when installing applications from third-party download sites. Furthermore, never do the automated installation process. Always try to do the manual installation. In fact, by hiding ads and selecting your option to remove them, you end up offering feedbacks that will go a long way in improving the content of the ads that are released on Instagram. Instagram allows their users to opt out of seeing certain ads by changing their device settings based on user activity on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram has made it clear that the user information is safe with them and that no advertiser can access the user information. If you are not very keen on seeing the ads on your Instagram feed, then you are in for some luck today! I have an easy trick that will make sure that your photo feed is no longer filled with the sponsored ads and you can breeze through the photos and videos without coming across those annoying ads. I have already seen my Facebook news feed turn into a market-place with innumerable ads, which often divert me to a new page.

With this blog, I hope I could provide you all with the option of having the upper-hand when it comes to dealing with the ads. The power lies with you dear IG users and you decide how your photo feed looks like. This info is utterly useless. Instagram Ads are terrible. Facebook has destroyed instagram. Why do companies sell to Facebook the spying app, the app that takes away your privacy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Helping You Rank High. Previous post Next post. May 6,