Freebies on a carnival cruise

10 Ways to Get Freebies on Your Cruise

You do not have to play a cent but that's what they hope you will do. I left before it was over. They'd even bring out a piece I thought "What? I'll never attend another. I'm not so sure about the corkscrew. When I requested one in April, our steward on the Pride told me to check with room service or take the bottle to one of the bars.

I ended up buying an inexpensive corkscrew in Nassau.

Cruise Line Free Food

I went to the Art Auction once because I wanted a free glass of champagne. When I saw that I would have to wait forever for it, I got up and left. Not worth it.

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  5. Let’s Look at the Cruise Freebies.

As for the fruit basket, who really needs more food on a cruise or a basket of fruit when you can get it at the buffet? This was our first cruise with our son. He went to camp and of course you have to be a child! Plus free little art projects he worked on different afternoons that we get to keep as wonderful keepsakes of our cruise! Ah, now that brings back memories.. Our oldest 24 now was a wee one who got a T-Shirt to decorate. She did it all up in lots of colors, got people to sign it and wore it til it basically fell apart 10 years later She did not wear all the time but occasionally she would put it on and we all would start to remember She still has part of it in one of her sculptures.

I got free tooth paste in the little basket in the room lol!!!! I do get the coupons for some of the free stuff while in port and I give that stuff for suveniors You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By LauraS Started February 1. Search In. Carnival Freebies? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts.

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Century Rider. Posted May 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 6, edited. Edited May 6, by CruiseVille. Playing cards are not free anymore. Oh, and if you grovel to JH, you might get a fruit basket and ship on a stick When you "rent" your cabin, you get a Free view of the ocean Have gotten the cork screw and cards on different ships.

I've heard of people that thought the Main Dining room was a fee but not true. They are definitely worth checking out and taking advantage of during your vacation! Almost every single cruise line offers some sort of loyalty club.

5 MORE Ways to get Free Drinks on a Cruise

Loyalty club perks vary by cruise line, but many of them keep track of how many cruises you have taken and you get bumped to better perks the higher you get. The higher you climb up the ladder, the more perks you get. Perks vary by cruise line but include things like earlier booking privileges, free souvenirs, complimentary cocktail hour, etc. One of the awesome all-inclusive perks of a cruise is that it includes ALL of your meals throughout the duration of your trip.

Within minutes of boarding your ship, you can grab lunch at the buffet. The morning you disembark, they feed you breakfast. All meals during your cruise — be it buffet, formal dining room, even room service, are included in your fare. While they are not free, the cost to enjoy a truly exclusive, gourmet meal is extremely discounted from what you might pay for the same experience back on land. When you get to your cabin, pick up the in-room book that contains all sorts of information about your ship and ports of call. Somewhere inside that book is a room service menu.

You had to purchase a soft drink package or pay by the glass if you wanted a soda. While some cruise lines still operate this way, a bunch of cruise lines include soft drinks with the water, coffee, juice and milk that are already free with your basic cruise fare. Some cruise lines offer booking incentives that include free or heavily discounted alcoholic drinks or packages for these drinks.

Loyalty clubs mentioned above sometimes include free drink vouchers or a complimentary cocktail hour. Disney Cruise Line offers a complimentary happy hour twice a night for Concierge guests.

Carnival Freebies? - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community

Depending on how much or how little alcohol you typically consume on vacation, it definitely might be worth a little research to see what cruise line has the best option for you. Many cruise lines will also let you bring your own alcohol aboard typically limited to 1 bottle of wine per adult over 21, but rules vary by cruise line.

On a previous Carnival Cruise, we carried on a whole bunch of bottled water and soda, plus 2 bottles of wine. Cruise ships offer order forms for pre-ordering cakes and other treats for any special celebration you might be celebrating while on board. These treats can be costly depending on what you order.

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  • Our last cruise was on Disney and we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. One night at dinner our server brought out this cute little cake and 2 pins for us, while several servers sang a Happy Anniversary song to us! Most cruise ships have a full sized theater where you can catch a musical-type stage show on most evenings of your trip. Typically, ships offer an early show and a later show, so that no matter which dining time you have for dinner, you can catch the show.

    In addition to these nightly stage shows, you can find entertainment all over the ship throughout the day. These will all be listed on your daily schedule. We have enjoyed magicians, comedians, game shows, dance lessons, movies in the movie theater, etc over the years. They are a fun way to break up your days spent at sea!