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The amount paid at maturity is called the face value. The term discount bond is used to reference how it is sold originally at a discount from its face value instead of standard pricing with periodic dividend payments as seen otherwise.

To find the zero coupon bond's value at its original price, the yield would be used in the formula. After the zero coupon bond is issued, the value may fluctuate as the current interest rates of the market may change.

Coupon Rate

The formula would be shown as. Coupon Interest Payments are made every six months.

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Australian, United States, Great Britain, New Zealand and Canadian resident investors must nominate a valid Australian bank account, otherwise payments will be withheld until such time as a valid account is provided. Payments to investors that reside outside the above-mentioned jurisdictions will be made by paper cheque where a valid account has not been provided. Investors are required to supply their payment instructions no later than the Record Date in order to receive their payment. If you are already an eTB holder and wish to change your payment details please contact the bond registry.

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  6. At maturity the final coupon is paid along with the Face Value of the bond.